Excellence in research is central to York University’s mission and is fundamental to the university’s ability to contribute to the economic, scientific, cultural and social health of our society.¬†Research at York takes place in every discipline and spans the full spectrum of programs from the pure and applied sciences through business, law, and the humanities and social sciences.¬†Additionally, York has renowned research strength in areas such as space science, vision science, aboriginal and indigenous studies, history, and psychology. Home to 21 organized research centres York University has a strong history of collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative research. Our commitment to taking focused risks and our passion for innovation stakes a claim to a future that touches almost every facet of the complex issues facing society.

Here at the electrical engineering and computer science department, we are home to 12 unique research groups, researching a wide spectrum of topics in electrical engineering and computer science. Take a look at the research being done at EECS here: