Prism Lab usage is governed by York University policies and Prism Use Policies.

PRISM Use Policies

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) operates a number of computer facilities that include labs, workstations, servers, printers, and specialized hardware and software. These facilities are known collectively as “Prism” and can be accessed using a Prism Account. The usage of Prism is governed by the policy contained herein, by York University Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities, and by York University Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. By using your Prism Account you acknowledge that you have read, and will adhere to, these policies.

  1. Usage of any Prism facility is restricted to work related to courses offered by EECS. You may not use your Prism Account for any other purpose.
  2. Departmental and course-related messages will be sent to your Prism email address. You are expected to check this email regularly. If you use a different email address then you are responsible for forwarding email as appropriate.
  3. If a Prism lab is booked for a course section then you may not use the lab unless you are enrolled in that section. And if you were in the lab before the section starts then you are expected to logout and leave the lab promptly before the start time of the section.
  4. Food and drinks are not permitted in any Prism lab (lab monitors excepted).
  5. Excessive noise is not permitted in any Prism lab. If audio output is needed for course-related work then headphones must be used; i.e. the workstation’s speaker may not be used, even at low volume.
  6. Prism lab users must cooperate with any directions given by the lab monitor.
  7. Prism workstations may not be session-locked and may not be left unattended. If you must leave your workstation then logout before leaving.

Enforcement & Violation

The lab monitor is responsible for enforcing this policy. Violation of its rules will result in locking the Prism Account of the offending user.

Last updated Fall 2013.