PRISM-Account Information

PRISM Account

Prism accounts are available for all students enrolled in Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major courses. Students who are registered to service courses that use the lab facilities are also eligible to obtain Prism accounts.

Obtain a Prism Account

In order to obtain a Prism account, you will use the Activ8 web application. You must have a Passport York account prior to obtaining a Prism account. Your Passport York account username will be your Prism username.

There are several ways to obtain a Prism account:

  • On the Internet: Point your web browser to
  • In person, in LAS1006 or LAS1004: Enter ‘activ8’ as the login name, hit enter for password.
  • In person, in LAS1002: Enter ‘activ8’ both as the login name and password.

Change Prism Password

If you forget or wish to change your password, use the Activ8 system. Visit to reset your account password.  An email will be sent to you to validate the user information. You will have 30 minutes to change your password from the time the email is sent.