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The Home of EECS at York

Our home is at the Lassonde building

Our home is currently located at the Lassonde building at the York University Keele campus, and is the home of a wide variety of labs, lecture halls and research facilities, however certain labs for the program are located in the William Small Center. The Lassonde building boasts a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate computing laboratories, with over 100 workstations for general use as well as specialty labs which support the needs of students taking courses in digital systems, signals and systems, virtual reality, digital media, network and security, robotics and more. The PRISM laboratories for undergraduate students consist of general and special purpose labs with over 160 workstations, and many of the laboratories are accessible 24 hours a day. To learn more about our facilities, take a look at the Labs and Infrastructure page.

The Lassonde building — previously named the Computer Science and Engineering building — was constructed in fall 2001, and has been the center of operations for our department ever since. The building boasts an environmentally friendly design, and was one of the first ‘green’ buildings constructed in Ontario, featuring an innovative ventilation system, green roof design and a construct based on a unique concrete mix to allow for energy conservation. To learn more about the green design of our building, click here: