Winter Waitlist Announcement

The EECS department will utilize a waitlist process for the Winter 2020 semester to ensure the students who most need seats in our courses receive them. The waitlist is not first come, first served. Waitlist entries are ranked based on a variety of factors and each entry is evaluated carefully. The time or date you fill in the waitlist will have no bearing on the evaluation of your entry.

The waitlist is intended to be used as a last resort if you are unable to enroll in courses you require to advance in your studies. If you are not currently enrolled in a winter term course you require, please try to enroll now to see if you are able to access a seat before you complete a waitlist entry. If you are not able to add a course you need prior to December 16 and you can see that the course has spaces remaining, please email with your student number to request to be given a seat.

The following required courses/sections have recently had new seats added or opened:

  • MATH1090M
  • EECS2011M
  • EECS2021M
  • EECS3101N & Z
  • EECS3421M & N
  • EECS3482M

The Winter 2020 EECS Waitlist will open December 17th. The waitlist will only be available on the EECS website under the “News” heading on the landing page. Access to the waitlist will close January 1st at 11:59pm.

For the Winter 2020 term, you are able to use the EECS waitlist to request access to EECS/MATH1019 and MATH1090.

Waitlist results will be posted online on the EECS website by January 13th at 5pm. If we are able to offer you a space in courses, you must enroll through REM in the courses by January 14th at 11:59pm. From January 15th, remaining seats in courses will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Please remember: 1) BSc and BA students are limited to three 3- or 4-credit EECS courses per term, and BEng students are limited to four 3- or 4-credit EECS courses per term; 2) You must have the prerequisites for all courses you wish to enroll in, which includes a minimum EECS GPA of 4.5.

If you have questions about the waitlist please contact the EECS undergraduate office at, find us in person in LAS 1012M, or call us at 416-736-5334.

Stay up-to-date with EECS enrollment announcements by following us on Twitter @EECS_enroll.

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