Winter 2022 News and Waitlist Announcement

Course delivery

You will have already received communications from both Lassonde and President Lenton that in-person activities on campus for the Winter 2022 term are delayed until January 24th, 2022. The Winter term will begin remotely on January 10th, 2022.

With the exception of a few course sections that are already marked as remote, we plan for all Winter term courses to take place in-person in the classroom assigned beginning January 24. If you are unable to come to campus in the winter term, please do not enroll in courses that will take place in-person.

Note that certain EECS courses are taking place in the Winter-Lassonde (WL) term, which has different dates from the Winter (W) term. If you are continuing (non-new) student, be mindful that if you enroll into WL term courses, you may have final exams for Winter term courses at the same time as Winter-Lassonde (WL) term classes.


Course changes

Several courses have undergone timing and delivery mode changes over the past month. In addition, four 4000-level courses have had to be cancelled due to a lack of suitable instructor being found.

Students impacted by these changes should have already been communicated with. Still, please check your winter schedule to ensure your schedule is arranged how you want it.

It will not be possible to make self-service changes to your schedule after January 1st when all EECS courses with prerequisites will be locked so plan accordingly.


Prerequisites and EECS course limits policy

We want remind you that the Department’s course prerequisite structure is designed to ensure you have adequate background knowledge to succeed in the courses you enroll in. You are unlikely to be successful in a course unless you have previously passed its prerequisite course(s). Please ensure you have passed the prerequisite(s) for all Winter courses you are currently enrolled in, including, if applicable, an EECS GPA of 4.5 or better.

Similarly, our course limits policy (three 3.0/4.0 credit EECS courses per term for BA/BSc students and four 3.0/4.0 credit EECS courses per term for BENG students) is in place to ensure you have a reasonable course load and all our students have access to the courses they need to make timely progress toward their graduation. Please ensure you are not in violation of the EECS course limits allowed for your degree programme.

If you are already enrolled in the maximum number of courses allowed by your programme and have a high GPA, you are able to request an extra course here.


Waitlist Process and Important Dates for the Winter 2022 term

We expect students to have tried enrolling in all sections of a course before completing a waitlist request. The waitlist is meant to be a last resort. Our goal is to give all students a seat in their required classes; section changes will not be completed through the waitlist.

As for the fall term, the waitlist is now multi-staged:

  • Waitlist submissions received by December 24th at 11:59pm will be processed by January 7th.
  • Submissions received between December 25th and January 4th will be processed by January 14th.
  • Submissions received between January 5th and January 12th will be processed by January 19th.

If you wish to change or edit your waitlist request, start a new entry and fill in the form again in full. Only your most recent entry will be evaluated.

The waitlist is now open and can be accessed here.

Other important dates for the EECS Winter term start-up:

  • January 1: All EECS courses with prerequisites frozen to self-service changes in REM
  • January 10: Winter term classes begin
  • January 16: Last day to drop a W term course and receive 100% tuition refund
  • January 21: All remaining seats in EECS courses given first come, first served via QLess
  • January 23: Last day to enroll in W term course without instructor permission
  • January 24: Winter-Lassonde (WL) term classes begin


QLess Service Schedule

The EECS Undergraduate Office QLess queue will re-open on January 6 at 1pm. From January 7, we will be open for the duration of January from 10am – 4pm each business day.

Due to the University’s switch to remote for January 10 – January 23, Undergraduate Office staff will be available to meet only remotely over Zoom or phone for this time period. Stay tuned for updates on our plans for January 24 and after.

Due to the volume of emails and calls we receive, we strongly encourage you to connect with us through QLess for the fastest service.

More information about QLess is available here:

Remember: the university is closed from December 24 to January 5 (inclusive). During this time no one will be reading or responding to email. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to reach us using QLess starting January 6th.

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