Waitlist Announcement and Fall 2020 News

With all fall semester EECS courses being delivered 100% remotely, this semester will be different than a normal fall semester. Just as our professors have spent the summer updating their courses, EECS leadership and administration have spent the summer moving our student services online.


Beginning on August 25th at 10am, EECS will be beta-testing QLess to serve students more efficiently and effectively while the university operates remotely.

Starting August 31st, QLess will be staffed each business day from 10am – 4pm.

If you need to contact the EECS department, we encourage you to use QLess for the fastest possible service. You can use this link to access QLess from your desktop. The mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Fall Semester Information Page

We have created a new page on our website that centralizes all EECS information about the fall semester in one location. This page will be updated regularly throughout August and September.

EECS waitlist process

As in the past, the EECS department will utilize a waitlist process for the Fall 2020 semester to ensure the students who most need seats in our courses receive them. The waitlist is not first come, first served. Waitlist entries are ranked based on a variety of factors and each entry is evaluated carefully. The time or date you fill in the waitlist will have no bearing on the evaluation of your entry.

The waitlist will only be available on the EECS website under the “News” heading on the landing page.

Before the 3rd week of classes, please do not contact course instructors for permission to enroll in courses. Course instructors have no part in the enrollment process prior to September 23rd.

Waitlist and Important Dates

The fall waitlist will open on August 27th at 3pm and close on September 7th at 11:59pm.

On September 1, enrollment into all EECS courses will be frozen for final prerequisite and over-enrollment checking. This means lab and tutorial changes are not possible after this date without contacting the department via QLess.

The results of the waitlist will be posted by September 14th at 5pm on the EECS website. If you are granted access to courses, you will need to enroll yourself, via REM, by September 15th at 11:59pm. If you apply to the waitlist, please try to resolve any blocks on your student account by September 14 so you are able to enroll in courses if you are given permission.

On September 16th at 9am, all remaining seats in EECS courses will be given away first come, first served via QLess.

Following a course prior to official enrollment

If you are waiting for the results of the waitlist or are waiting for a financial or advising block on your account to be lifted, you should be following the content of the courses you hope to enroll in.

To be added to a course’s moodle in an audit role while you wait to be officially enrolled, email

Until you are officially enrolled, you are not able to submit assignments or take tests in a course. If you have not been officially enrolled by October 6th, you will be removed as an auditor in all EECS course moodle pages.

EECS IT issues contact information

If you have an IT issue directly related to EECS systems, including issues with your EECS login, remotelab, or issues with the software required for EECS labs, please e-mail

Please note that after acquiring an EECS account, you may have to wait up to an hour to be granted access to all EECS services.

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