Summer 2020 Waitlist Process and Enrollment Update

COVID-19 Impact on Summer EECS Course Offerings

As has previously been announced, we had to cancel EECS 3311 and EECS 3482 in the summer term, unfortunately. We apologize if this affects your plans. All other scheduled EECS courses will run as online courses; no additional courses will be added.

Maximum Number of EECS Courses Permitted during Summer

Because of these cancellations, we have fewer course seats to offer EECS students this summer than we had planned. This means we will enforce the department policy that a student may take at most two EECS courses in the summer term (engineering students and students with a high GPA included).  This is to allow the greatest possible number of students access to at least one EECS course. If you are currently enrolled in more than two EECS courses, you should remove yourself from the course(s) of your choosing above this maximum now. If you are enrolled in more than two EECS courses after April 19th, we may remove you from the course(s) of our choosing.

Waitlist Process for Summer EECS Courses

To manage enrollment in summer EECS courses, the EECS department will maintain a waitlist to distribute any seats that become available in our courses. Unlike our fall and winter term waitlists, the summer 2020 waitlist will be first come, first served among students who require the course for their programme. If you meet a course’s prerequisites, you should submit your waitlist request as early as possible to increase your chances of being given permission to access the course.

The summer waitlist will open at noon on May 4 and will close May 15. A link to the online waitlist will be posted on the EECS Department’s web page on May 4. On each Monday and Thursday after the waitlist opens, we will distribute any available seats based on waitlist priority. If you receive an email saying that you have permission to enroll in a course, you will have until 11:59pm on the day after you received your email to add the course(s) through REM. If you do not enroll during this timespan, we will give access to someone else during the next round of permissions. Please ensure you do not have a financial or advising block on your student account to ensure you can add courses immediately if you are given permission.

Making Changes to your Enrollments

Self-service enrollment and changes to labs/tutorials in EECS courses will close on April 26th. If you want to add a course after this date, you must complete a waitlist entry. If you want to change lab/tutorial sections after this time you should email

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