SU21 Waitlist Information and Announcements

Summer Term Delivery

All summer term EECS courses will be delivered 100% remotely. No course will have any optional or mandatory in-person component.

EECS 3201 Cancelled

Unfortunately, EECS 3201E SU has been cancelled due to the assigned instructor no longer being able to teach in the coming term. A new section of this course will be added during the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 session to compensate for this cancellation.

All other scheduled EECS SU and S1 courses will run. No additional sections or courses will be added to our summer schedule.

Maximum Number of EECS courses during Summer

The EECS Department offers a limited number of courses in the summer term; students should not expect to be able to take a full load of courses during the summer. Due to high demand, and in order to ensure that more students have an opportunity to take courses during the summer, Departmental policy specifies that students (including engineering students and students with a high GPA) are limited to taking two EECS courses in the summer term.

Students who contravene this policy will be alerted and subsequently de-enrolled from courses of our choosing to bring their summer enrollments into compliance. We suggest, if you are enrolled in more than two summer courses, that you drop the excess course(s) immediately.

Waitlist process and dates

Unlike previous summer terms, the Department will run a waitlist that is in line with our normal fall and winter term practices. Students will be able to complete a waitlist entry requesting up to two courses. The waitlist will not be first come, first served; waitlist entries are ranked based on priority to ensure those most in need are given seats in courses.

The waitlist will only available on the EECS website under the “News” heading on the landing page.

The waitlist will open May 3rd and close May 7th. The waitlist will be processed no later than May 14th.

Any seats remaining in courses will be given first come, first served, via QLess, on May 17th at 10am (EST).

Making Changes to your Enrollments

Self-service enrollment and changes to labs/tutorials in EECS courses will close on May 2nd. If you want to add a course after this date, you must complete a waitlist entry. If you want to change lab/tutorial sections after this time you should join the EECS UG Office queue on QLess.

QLess and contacting the Department

The EECS UG Office QLess Queue will be open from 10am – 4pm each day in the month of May.

We strongly encourage you to join our QLess queue for service as this is the fastest way to have your issue dealt with and reach the Department.

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