Q&A – Resumption of Classes

Q&A for Lassonde Students – Resumption of Classes


What about tests and midterms?

We are asking all instructors to recognize that these are exceptional circumstances. You will not be forced to undertake any examination for at least 7 days (until Wednesday March 18).

Will there be a list of the classes that will resume and those that are not?

Yes. Please check the class schedule here.

What if my class is not resuming immediately?

We intend to resume all classes as soon as possible. Please continue to check the schedule. If your class is not yet offered then please contact the relevant Undergraduate Program Director directly.


Prof. George Tourlakis | Prof. Rob Allison


Prof. Gunho Sohn | Prof. Mike Daly | Prof. Gary Klaassen


Prof. Magdalena Krol


Prof. Sunny Leung

Will science courses resume as well?

We are working very closely with the Faculty of Science to ensure all courses for Lassonde students resume as soon as possible. Classes offered by the Faculty of Science are expected to begin on Monday (March 16).

Will the term end at the same time?

The term paused on Tuesday March 3. It will restart on Wednesday March 11.  We expect this 6-day delay (working days) to cause a delay in the end of term. We will update you in due course.

What if I don’t want to cross the picket line?

Please consult York University Senate policy on this matter for guidance. Please see Section 2.2 for specific advice relating to Fairness to Students.

What if I have an assignment that is due?

The term paused on March 3 and will restart tomorrow. We have asked instructors to be reasonable with regard to deadlines given the exceptional circumstances.

Will labs go ahead as well as lectures?

The best option is to simply check the class schedule. We intend to offer all classes as soon as possible. This will tell you what is resuming and what is not.

Is it safe to come to class when the buses are dropping students off outside campus?

Everything you need to know is explained and outlined on this dedicated York University webpage. You should consult this page in advance as you plan your journey and check it again before you leave your home to travel to campus.

What if I am driving to campus?

CUPE 3903 has established picket lines at the entrances to the University. The York University webpage provides clear advice on what this means and what to expect. If you are driving to campus you should leave extra time as there may be delays entering campus.


Please go to for current updates and advice on questions not covered above. This is updated frequently with all the latest advice.

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