Professor Litoiu – most influential paper award

Professor Marin Litoui and an interdisciplinary group of colleagues, Ye Hu and Johnny Wong from the University of Waterloo and Gabriel Iszlai from IBM, have received the Most Influential Paper award for research they published 10 years ago at CASCON 2009, the 19thannual Conference for Computer Science and Software Engineering, sponsored by the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies.

Most Influential Paper awards are decided by a selection committee that evaluates the academic and industrial impact of a paper and its influence in shaping the research field.

The paper, Resource Provisioning for Cloud Computing, explored the then newly created field of  cloud computing and how computing resources can be allocated across a mix of applications to minimize cost and maintain performance. Up until cloud computing, applications were deployed on a number of dedicated computers based on peak demand. This was not a cost-effective strategy because during off-peak times computing resources were not used efficiently. In contrast, in cloud computing, resources can be shared by many applications and can be dynamically provisioned (technique known as autonomic resource management). This can yield efficient resource usage as well as a quick response when workloads change. To this end, Professor Litoiu and his team examined autonomic resource management in cloud computing and devised dynamic strategies for sharing resources based on application characteristics.

No stranger to collaborative research, Marin Litoiu is jointly appointed Associate Professor in the Lassonde School of Engineering’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department and the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies School of Information Technology at York University.

CASCON is the premier industrial and academic conference for advanced studies in computer science and software engineering sponsored by the IBM Canada Laboratory. CASCON attracts software developers, researchers, innovators, technologists and decision makers from academia, industry, and government who come together to learn about technology trends, present papers, participate in workshops, and exhibit prototypes and solutions.


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