Link to Special Request Form for students requesting an extra course in the Fall 2021 term

Due to both an increase in enrollments overall and a large increase in the number of students with high GPAs, the Department will be changing how it allocates extra courses to high GPA students for the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms.

Previously, students with a high GPA were advised to enroll in one extra course per term and that they would not be warned or de-enrolled by the Department.

Under our updated policy, extra courses in the Fall 2021 term will be distributed to students who apply through this special request form.

Students who complete this form by August 25 will be given permission for their extra course, at the latest, by September 7, if space exists.

A similar form will be made available in December to request an extra course for the winter term.

As a reminder, the course limits per degree programme are three 3.0/4.0 credit EECS courses for BA/BSc students and four 3.0/4.0 credit EECS courses for BENG students. The following courses are the only courses not counted toward the Department’s course limits: all 0.0/1.0 credit EECS courses, MATH1090, EECS3000, EECS4070/80/88/90, and EECS4480.




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