Jenkin leads Interactive Autonomy theme in Canadian Robotics Network

Prof. Michael Jenkin

Professors Jenkin and Tsotsos are York members of the new NSERC Canadian Robotics Network (NCRN) which received $5.5M in funding from NSERC, it was announced today. Centred at McGill where it is directed by Prof. Dudek, the NCRN brings together Canadian industry and academic excellence in robotics technology. Professor Jenkin leads the Interactive Autonomy theme which includes members from McGill University, Simon Fraser University, University of Sherbrooke, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo and industry partners such as CrossWing Inc, Clearpath Robotics, Element AI and Huawei.

A second theme of the NCRN is resilient autonomy which is lead by Professor Waslander of the University of Toronto.

Prof. John Tsotsos

The NCRN brings together an astounding team of Canadian robotics researchers, companies, and government players in a new initiative focused on robotic technologies with substantial commercialization potential. The network will coordinate work on robotics technology for smart Internet-enabled devices that drive down the road, swim underwater, monitor a shopping mall, or fly over valuable natural resources, all based on inter-related core science and technology. The two themes, interactive autonomy and resilient autonomy, are key technological areas that are both critical to the development of many classes of robotic systems and are strategically relevant to industrial partners.

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