EECS SU19 Enrollment Process

The EECS department offers a limited number of courses in the summer term; students should not expect to be able to take a full load of courses during the summer. Due to high demand, and in order to ensure that more students have an opportunity to take courses during the summer, departmental policy specifies that students (including engineering students and students with a high GPA) are limited to taking two EECS courses in the summer term.

If you are enrolled in more than two EECS courses, you may be de-enrolled from any course in which we need space starting on April 22. In order to avoid this, you should yourself drop the courses in excess of this limit. In addition, if you are enrolled in a course but do not satisfy the prerequisites for it, you will be removed from the course (prerequisites include EECS GPA and specific courses).

There will not be a waiting list for EECS summer courses. Until noon on April 23, you may enroll in courses where there is space using the online enrollment system. At noon on April 23, the department will close enrollment in EECS courses (except EECS1012) so that we can do a final prerequisite check. No enrollments in summer term EECS courses will take place between noon on April 23rd and April 29th at 10am. After 10am on April 29th you can enroll in courses by visiting the EECS undergraduate office. Before visiting the office, you can check whether there is space in the course via the Registrar’s course listings.

Students may request access to a third EECS course (if there is space remaining in the course) by visiting the EECS undergraduate office, starting on Thursday, May 2.

In summary:

  • April 21st Last day to voluntarily remove yourself from courses before being removed automatically
  • April 23rd, noon Self-service enrollments to EECS courses are closed
  • April 23rd, noon – April 29th, 10 am Embargo on EECS course enrollments
  • April 29th, 10 am Enroll in courses through EECS office
  • May 2nd, 10 am Ability to add 3rd EECS course, if space permits

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