EECS is searching for a Course Director for EECS 4413: Building Ecommerce Systems

Responsibilities: Lecturing three hours per week. Evaluation of students subject to departmental
policy and course coordinator’s and undergraduate program director’s
guidance. Participation in course coordination and marking meetings as
determined by course coordinator, if applicable. Preparation of on-line course
materials, assignments, tests, final examinations and deferred examinations.
Providing assistance in computer laboratory if required by the course.
Supervision/coordination of grader, tutor and lab monitor (if applicable).
Being available to communicate with individual students, by email, by
telephone, or in person, for three hours per week outside of classroom hours,
including at least two scheduled office hours per week for meeting students.
Being available at the end of the course, during the period for reappraisals and
deferred exams, and for marking of any deferred exams. The course
director/lecturer chosen will contact the Undergraduate Program Director or
designate before the course begins, to discuss the design of the course with the
undergraduate program director, and with the direction of the course
coordinator and in co-operation with other course directors/lecturers determine
how to conduct the course. These meetings shall not be used for formal
evaluation or disciplinary purposes. The course director/lecturer will submit to
the Departmental Secretary an electronic or paper copy of all written materials
distributed to students in the course, including on-line material, the course
outline, assignments, all tests and exams. The course director/lecturer will also
submit detailed grade records for students at the end of the course, including
specification of the weightings or other methods by which final course grades
were calculated from the detailed grades. In the case of multi-section courses,
the responsibilities include assisting the course coordinator in preparing tests,
exams, assignments, and solutions to tests/ exams/ assignments as directed by
the course coordinator

Qualifications required: M.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent. Demonstrable recent experience in
working with and teaching E-commerce systems. Excellent written and verbal
communication skills. Equivalences shall be recognized as per Article 12.04 of
the Unit 2 collective agreement.

Qualifications preferred: PhD degree in computer science or related field (completed or in progress).
Knowledge of software engineering best practices in the area of e-commerce.

Submit applications to: Richard Hornsey
Chair, Electrical Engineering Computer Science
In light of the current COVID-19 situation, applications may also be submitted
via email. Applications may be submitted by the deadline date care of the
Assistant to the Chair (Whitney L’Esperance) at the following email address:

See here for the complete position posting.

Applications are accepted here by clicking on the Lassonde School tab and then clicking on CUPE 2 FW 2021. Find EECS 4413 (you can sort by posting type and it will be at the top). Select by clicking the box on the left and clicking “return to main”, which brings up a link to apply for the position.

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