Department seminar: Towards Intelligent Wearable, Mobile, and IoT Devices. Thursday 02/28 12-1pm

Professor Ali Etemad (Queen’s University)

Towards Intelligent Wearable, Mobile, and IoT Devices

Date: Thursday February 28th 12-1pm

Location: LAS 3033

Lunch will be provided.


We live in a world where technology is increasingly being integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. With the miniaturization of processors, advancements in sensing technologies, and ubiquity of access to the Internet, many everyday devices are now capable of performing some form of sensing and processing of information. Wearable and mobile devices as well as the Internet of Things are embodiments of such technologies that are now becoming mainstream. Nonetheless, these devices often fall short in fulfilling the expectations of consumers and researchers alike in delivering the promised values, due to their limited functionality and lack of “intelligence”. In this talk, the challenges of integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into these devices are discussed, followed by a description of a number of projects undertaken at the Ambient Intelligence and Interaction lab at Queen’s University aimed at integrating AI into wearable, mobile, and IoT devices.


Ali Etemad is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen’s University, and director of the Ambient Intelligence and Interaction (Amii) lab. Ali received his PhD from the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University (Canada). Subsequently, he joined Carleton’s School of Information Technology as a Postdoctoral Fellow and an Adjunct Professor, and held several lead industrial positions, most notably as the Director of Data Science and Intelligent Systems at Myant Inc., a Canadian wearable technology and IoT company. He currently sits on the advisory boards of a number of high-tech companies in the fields of AI, wearable devices, and smart homes. The ground-breaking works that Ali has been involved in have featured in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, CNET, CTV, CBC, Maclean’s, and others, and have resulted in over 60 peer-reviewed articles and patents. He has been the recipient of a number of awards and grants, and has delivered several invited talks regarding his work in the industry and academia. In 2018, he served as the Vice Chair (Technical Programme) of IEEE Kingston, and he currently sits on the Standards Council of Canada’s mirror committee on Wearable Electronic Devices and Technologies. He is a program committee member for a number of conferences in the field including IEEE BSN, ACM SAP, IEEE AIVR, IEEE UIC, and CanAI, as well as a frequent reviewer for notable journals such as IEEE Trans. HMS, IEEE Trans. KDE, IEEE Access, J. ASOC, J. CVIU, and J. NCA.

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