Department Seminar: Data Ethics, Data Governance, and the role of Artificial Intelligence June 19 12-1pm

Professor Rozita Dara

University of Guelph

Data Ethics, Data Governance, and the role of Artificial Intelligence

Date: Wednesday June 19th 12-1pm

Location: LAS 3033

Lunch will be provided.


Continued growth of data poses challenges and opportunities. New data streams enable digital transformation in many industries including food and agriculture. Yet, it will raise a number of obstacles related to data governance and ethics such as data quality, privacy, accountability, transparency and many other challenges. In this talk, I will highlight my research on digital agri-food and the challenges of data governance in this industry. I will then talk about the need for enhanced interoperability of data semantics, operations, and regulations/practices. Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in improving data governance and interoperability will be discussed. Finally, ethical challenges of AI will be explored.


Dr. Dara is the Principal Investigator of Data Management and Privacy Governance research program at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on data analytics and data governance with a particular focus on applications such as privacy enhancing IoT and responsible artificial intelligence. She is a Member of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems and is, also, the Chair of IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology. Dr. Dara has successfully obtained funding from government and industry.  Prior to joining the University of Guelph, she worked in industry (BlackBerry) and government (Office of Information and Privacy Commissioners/Ontario). During this period, she led research projects in the area of Mobile Health, in collaboration with University Health Network and Hospital for Sick Children. Also, in collaboration with the Identity, Privacy and Security Institute, University of Toronto, and the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario, she led projects on building autonomous artificial intelligence algorithms with the aim of managing and protecting data in the Internet of Things.

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