Hunting for Bugs in Logging: applying JPF to log4j

Supervisor: Franck van Breugel

Description: Java PathFinder (JPF) is a tool that can detect bugs in Java code. The Java library Apache log4j allows developers to control which log statements are output. In the past, Dickey et al. [1] have attempted to detect bugs in log4j by means of JPF with very limited succes.

Recently, in collaboration with Shafiei (NASA) we have developed an extension of JPF called jpf-nhandler. The aim of this project is to apply this extension to log4j.

[1] David A. Dickey, B. Sinem Dorter, J. Michael German, Benjamin D. Madore, Mark W. Piper, Gabriel L. Zenarosa. “Evaluating Java PathFinder on Log4J.” 2011.

Required Background: General CSE408x prerequisites

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