Robert Allison
York Research Chair


Research Interests

  • Psychophysical and computational methods to study depth perception in natural and virtual environments;
  • The design of the human-computer interface for virtual reality and simulator systems;
  • Machine vision; the measurement and analysis of eye movements and related applications; and the measurement and perception of human motion.

Rob obtained his Ph.D. in Biology from York University in 1998.

Selected Publications
  • (with Howard, I. P.) “Depth perception with persisting and dynamic textures.”Vision Research, in press, 2000.
  • (with Howard, I. P.) “Temporal dependencies in resolving monocular and binocular cue conflict in slant perception.”Vision Research, 40: 1869 – 1885, 2000.
  • (with Eizenman, M., and Cheung B) “Combined head and eye tracking system for dynamic testing of the vestibular system.”IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 43(11): 1073-1082, 1996.
Robert Allison <br> York Research Chair
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