Richard Hornsey

Professor and Chair of Dept.

Research Interests
  • Electro-optical instrumentation;
  • Single-chip electronic cameras, such as CMOS Active Pixel Sensors (APS);
  • System and device level design;
  • Applications such as space systems, industrial inspection, machine vision, and vision rehabilitation.

Richard Hornsey received his Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees from Oxford University, England in various fields best described as Engineering Physics. In 1989/1990 he spent a year as a Visiting Researcher for Hitachi in Tokyo, Japan.

Selected Publications
  • (with C. Hong and P. Thomas), “Single chip camera modules for mosaic image sensor”, Proc. SPIE Electronic Imaging 2001, San Jose CA, 2001.
  • (with P. Thomas, A. Savchenko and T. Pope), “Non-optical characterisation techniques for uncooled microbolometer infrared sensors”, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 47: 2294-2300, 2000.
  • (with A. Nathan and K. Alfatooni), “Transduction Principles of a-Si:H Schottky Diode X-Ray Image Sensors”, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 47: 2093-2100, 2000.
Richard Hornsey
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