Jonathan S. Ostroff


Research Interests
  • Software engineering with a focus on the specification and design of reliable mission critical systems, software certification, and practical applications of formal methods in the software engineering process.

Jonathan received his Ph.D. in Electrial Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1987. He is interested in software engineering and the use of formal methods for designing real-time and object-oriented systems.

Selected Publications
  • Composition and Refinement of Discrete Real-Time Systems, ACM Trans. on Software Engineering Methodology, 8(1): 1-48, 1999.
  • (with R. F. Paige). Developing BON as an Industrial-Strength Formal Method, in Proc. World Congress on Formal Methods (FM’99), LNCS 1708, Springer-Verlag, September 1999.
  • A Visual Toolset for the Design of Real-Time Discrete Event Systems, IEEE Trans. on Control Systems Technology, 5(3): 320-337, 1997.
Jonathan S. Ostroff
Staff Information
Campus Address
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Canada M3J 1P3.
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