John Amanatides

Associate Professor, Master at Norman Bethune College

Research Interests

  • Computer graphics;
  • Realistic image synthesis,¬†anti-aliasing, shading and graphics hardware;
  • Illuminant Models
  • Advanced ray tracing algorithms.


John graduated with a PhD from the University of Toronto in 1989 and did a post-doc at AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, for a year and a half. He came to York in 1990.
Selected Publications

  • J. Amanatides, “Ray Tracing with Cones”, Proc. Siggraph ’84, Computer Graphics 18(3), July 1984, pp 129-135.
  • J. Amanatides and A. Woo, “A Fast Voxel Traversal Algorithm for Ray Tracing”, Proc. Eurographics ’87, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 1987, pp 1-10.
  • J. Amanatides and D.P. Mitchell, “Antialiasing of Interlaced Video Animation”, Proc. Siggraph ’90, Computer Graphics 24(4), August 1990, pp 77-85.
  • B. Naylor, J. Amanatides and W. Thibault, “Merging BSP Trees Yields Polyhedral Set Operations”, Proc. Siggraph ’90, Computer Graphics 24(4), August 1990, pp 115-124.
  • P. Poulin and J. Amanatides, “Shading and Shadowing with Linear Light Sources”, Computers and Graphics 15(2), 1991, pp 259-265.
  • J. Amanatides, “Algorithms for the Detection and Elimination of Specular Aliasing”, Proc. Graphics Interface ’92, May 1992, pp 86-93.
John Amanatides
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