Jeff Edmonds


Research Interests

  • Complexity, lower bounds, algorithms;
  • Combinatorics, probability theory, scheduling.

Jeff Edmonds received his Ph.D. in 1992 at University of Toronto. His thesis proved lower bounds on time-space tradeoffs. He did his post doctorate work at the ICSI in Berkeley on secure data transmission over networks for multi-media applications. He joined the department in 1995. His research interests include complexity theory, scheduling, proof systems, probability theory and combinatorics.

Selected Publications

  • (with A. Chattopadhyay, F. Ellen, and T. Pitassi)  “A Little Advice Can Be Very Helpful.”  SODA, ACM Symp. on Discrete Algorithms, 2012.
  • (with H. L. Chan and K. Pruhs)  “Speed Scaling of Processes with Arbitrary Speedup Curves on a  Multiprocessor,”   Theory of Computing Systems, 2011  SPAA, ACM Symp. of Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures,  2009, p. 1-10.
  • (with A. Sidiropoulos and A. Zouzias)  “Hardness of Embedding into R^2 with Constant  Distortion,”   SODA, ACM Symp. on Discrete Algorithms, 2010.
  • (with Kirk Pruhs) “Scalably Scheduling Processes with  Arbitrary Speedup Curves (Better Scheduling in the Dark)”, SODA,  ACM Symp. on Discrete Algorithms, 2009, p. 685-692 and ACM Transactions on Algorithms.
Jeff Edmonds
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