Estimating Pedestrian and Vehicle Flows from Surveillance Video

Status: Available/Completed
Type: USRA/4080/408*…
Professor: Elder, James
Research Area:
Year: 2015

Facilities planning at both city (e.g., Toronto) and institutional (e.g., York University) scales requires accurate data on the flow of people and vehicles throughout the environment. Acquiring these data can require the costly deployment of specialized equipment and people, and this effort must be renewed at regular intervals for the data to be relevant.

The density of permanent urban video surveillance camera installations has increased dramatically over the last several years. These systems provide a potential source of low-cost data from which flows can be estimated for planning purposes.

This project will explore the use of computer vision algorithms for the automatic estimation of pedestrian and vehicle flows from video surveillance data. The ultimate goal is to provide planners with accurate, continuous, up-to-date information on facility usage to help guide planning.

The student will work closely with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at York University, as well as researchers at other institutions involved in the project. The student will develop skills in using MATLAB, a very useful mathematical programming environment, and develop an understanding of basic topics in image processing and vision.

For more information on the laboratory: www.elderlab.yorku.ca

Requirements: Good facility with applied mathematics.

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