Digital Support Lab

Location: BCEE 334A

The Digital Support Lab (DSL) is equipped with measurement equipment for the support of systems electronics, one of two key pillars in the EECS core electronics theme (complemented by physical electronics).  As a space for systems electronics support the lab’s technical focus is on the development and design of digital electronic computing devices. Among its many uses, the DSL firstly serves as a workspace for a BCEE technician with expertise in systems electronics.  The tech uses DSL equipment to support the initiation and development of experiential teaching material by faculty for Lassonde EECS undergraduates.  A second, but equally important, DSL service is as a resource for our students to learn sophisticated concepts in their upper-year courses through access to high-tech devices and to further apply these lessons as part of course or capstone projects or even their own entrepreneurial pursuits.  As a foundational topic for the field of electrical engineering, the subject areas and hence the courses supported by DSL are very broad and include digital logic design, embedded electronics, computer architectures, very-large-scale-integration, internet-of-things, digital and wireless communications.

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