The Vision Sensor (VISOR) Research Group

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The VISOR group design and fabricate single-chip electronic cameras, such as CMOS Active Pixel Sensors (APS). They use a combination of system and device level design to develop innovative cameras for a wide range of applications, including space systems, industrial inspection, machine vision, and vision rehabilitation. Details are to be found in their publications.

Design and testing of the fabricated cameras is performed in-house by the group members. Access to fabrication services are provided by the CMC Microsystems. Details of the CAD software can be found here and we are a member of various vendors’ university programs.

The VISOR Lab is directed by Richard Hornsey, is part of York’s Centre for Vision Research and is based in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


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  • Petrie Building Room 021 York University Toronto, Ontario Canada M3J 1P3
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Richard Hornsey
Professor and Chair of Dept.

Richard Hornsey

Electro-optical instrumentation; Single-chip electronic cameras, such as CMOS Active...