The GaMaY Lab

The Graphics and Media at York (GaMaY) Lab is the site of the conjoined research activities of Petros Faloutsos and Melanie Baljko.

Research Themes:

  • Assistive technology,¬†accessibility of the web and of learning technologies (Baljko)
  • Autonomous agents for computer games and virtual world applications (Faloutsos)
  • Computer graphics (Faloutsos)
  • Critical technology design, Critical making (Baljko)
  • Facial Animation (Faloutsos)
  • Interactive graphics and games on mobile devices (Faloutsos, Baljko)
  • Interaction and experience design (human-computer interaction; human-human communication mediated by the digital) (Baljko)
  • Micro-processor architectures for accelerating virtual world applications (Faloutsos)
  • Motion Control (Faloutsos)
  • Medical robotics and rehabilitation technology, medical/clinical information visualization (Faloutsos, Baljko)
  • Real-time photorealistic rendering (Faloutsos)
  • Tangible Interfaces (Baljko)


Contact Information
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  • Location: 2023/2027 Lassonde Building York University 4700 Keele St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3
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Our Faculty

Melanie Baljko
Associate Professor

Melanie Baljko

Human-centered computing; Participatory design, maker methods; Assistive technology,...
Petros Faloutsos

Petros Faloutsos

Computer Graphics Computer Animation Virtual Humans Virtual Reality Serious Games...