NSERC CREATE Training Program in Data Analytics and Visualization

Data analytics and visualization (DAV) addresses the explosion in quantity, richness and accessibility of diverse forms of data produced by a myriad of instruments and systems, including

  • Critical physical infrastructures like sensor networks, power grids, wireless communication systems, and transportation networks;
  • Social and economic networks and;
  • Healthcare systems like immunization and epidemiology networks, and molecular and gene regulatory networks.

However, the big data revolution is meaningless without concomitant growth in technologies for extracting, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing the valuable information embedded in these data. Success demands a multidisciplinary approach that combines signal processing, mathematical modelling, statistical analysis and machine learning methods with cognitive science and visual and design practices and knowledge.

Our innovative CREATE training program in Data Analytics & Visualization provides interdisciplinary training in both computational analytics and perceptual design methodologies for deriving value from big data for a broad range of industrial applications. The program is a multi-institution, multi-sector collaboration between York University (the lead institution), OCAD University, Concordia University and the University of Toronto, together with a number of leading Canadian high-tech companies in Toronto and Montreal focused on applications in cloud computing, digital cultures, health technology and smart cities.

Graduates of the program will go on to take permanent positions in industry, universities and government, and will be Canadian leaders in the field of data analytics and visualization in a broad range of application areas.

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