Biologically Inspired Sensors and Actuators (BioSA) Lab

The BioSA research program is focused on the development of Biologically Inspired Sensor and Actuator (BioSA) technologies. The basic understanding of in-vivo sensing/actuating mechanisms inspires novel ideas to addressing challenges in various life science applications including point-of-care disease diagnostics (PoCD), environmental monitoring, automation of biological and chemical laboratories, pharmacological and food industries and etc. In this direction, the BioSA lab examines novel BioSA methods by mimicking the biological micro-environments using Integrated Microelectronic Circuit, Micro-electromechanical System and Microfluidic techniques. This multidisciplinary research approach allows the lab to offer high throughput, high precision, rapid BioSA platforms for clinical applications, bioengineering research and biotech industries.



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Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh
Assistant Professor

Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh

Biologically inspired integrated sensors and actuators; Integrated circuits and microfluidics....