Data Visualization Project

Supervisor: Jarek Gryz
Session: Summer 2015
Required Background: EECS2031 and general EECS4080 prerequisites

We have a large project in data visualization projects and may have a couple of projects for 4080 this summer. Some of the projects will require knowledge of SQL and database application programming while some others may require graphics design skills. The projects involve the Skydive database software.

Skydive – Sample projects:

1. Skydive’s modules API specification – refactoring of existing, and specification of new interfaces for communication between Skydive’s modules

2. 3D viewer – improving users experiece with 3D visualizations (e.g. panning, better zooming, translation, etc.)

3. Data wizard – to guide a user from defining a connection to a data base, through selecting measures, to visualization – a kind of pyramid configuration module

4. Support for additional channels (e.g. normals map, specular map)

5. User’s interface – more options for users (e.g. defining aggregates, selecting different measures, automatic texture generation)

6. Pyramid generation support for different data bases (e.g. Empress DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL)

Technologies: Java, JavaFX, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Empress DB. Suggested IDE: IntelliJ IDEA. If interested in learning more details about what a project in this area would involve, please contact Professor Gryz by emai. jarek at eecs.yorku.ca


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