Change of Major Guidelines

Change of Major Guidelines

The Procedure

  • There are three types of changes you may wish to effect in your studies: Change of Faculty (transfer), of major, or of degree (BA, BSc, BA Specialized Honours, BSc Specialized Honours, etc.). You can obtain the appropriate forms from the Registrar’s office (see here) or from the EECS undergraduate office, LAS 1003. Please ensure to use the correct form.

If changing from another (non EECS) major to EECS

  • Then please apply for change of major only when you satisfy items 1 and 2 below.
  1. You satisfy the Admission requirements for getting into Computer Science (see the Admissions web page for specific requirements)
  2. You have completed at least 24 credits with an average of C+ or better if transferring to the honours Computer Science Programs (minimum average of C is needed to transfer into the Bachelor degree programs).

We process change of major forms as soon as practicable, and certainly not less frequently than once per term at a point when the grades from the previous term are known and the enrollment exercise for the current term is completed; about the middle of a term.

If changing from EECS Bachelor degree to EECS Honours

  • You must have a gpa of 5.0 over all completed courses — the Faculty level honours requirement.
  • If you satisfy the requirement, then some Faculties allow you to do this using REM when you first use your window for course enrolments for the summer term enrolment and for the fall/winter enrolment, whereas other Faculties require you to obtain departmental permission first (please consult carefully the relevant form).

If changing from EECS Honours to EECS Bachelor Degree

  • This is automatic if your gpa over all completed courses falls below 5.0. You do not need to apply or fill any forms in this case. If however you have honours standing (overall gpa of 5.0 or higher) but nevertheless you wish to also obtain the Bachelor degree at the point in time you have met its requirements, then you can apply to graduate with a Bachelor degree even though you continue to be in an honours program. There is a form obtained at the Registrar’s Office that you use to request graduation.
  • Finally, in the event that even though you have honours standing you have decided to nevertheless switch to the Bachelor (90 credit) degree, then you can use REM to make this change yourself when you first use your window for course enrolments for the summer term and for the fall/winter terms.

What happens to the forms?

  • The EECS undergraduate office sends the original forms directly to the Registrar’s Office as soon as the requests are approved. You can enquire at the EECS undergraduate office to see if your request has been granted or not granted at the departmental level.