Software Engineering (BEng)

Software Engineering integrates the principles and practice of computer science and engineering with great emphasis on the creation, operation and maintenance of software systems. At Lassonde you’ll learn the knowledge and skills you need to develop mission-critical systems such as control systems for medical devices, avionics, nuclear reactors, and banking and e-commerce systems.

Ever wondered how your mobile phone works; how text messages, photos and videos are sent between phones or how you can access your email using your mobile phone? Software engineers are the people who design and maintain the software behind this functionality, and guarantee that it works.

As a Lassonde student in this program, you will build an understanding of systematic design processes (project planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, configuration management, quality assurance, and documentation) of large-scale integrated systems. As a Software Engineering graduate from Lassonde you’ll be a qualified professional involved in the technical work of designing, coding, and testing large software products, and ready to build a successful career in many sectors including telecommunications, computer graphics, scientific computing, and financial services.

Using world class teaching and lab facilities, this program is taught by renowned faculty leading several world-class research initiatives in diversified areas such as safety-critical software certification standards, reverse software engineering, and software clustering. In the fourth-year, you will complete a full-year design project in which you will integrate the diverse theoretical principles and applied tools that you have learned toward the solution of a particular large-scale, real-world software design problem.

What makes software engineering different from computer engineering?

Computer Engineering has a hardware component to the program while Software Engineering focuses 100% on software including design, development, coding, integration and testing.


Software Engineering (BEng)
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  • Course Id: Undergraduate
  • Credit: YPI

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