Electrical Engineering (BEng)

Electrical Engineering at Lassonde deals with the electrical, electronic, and wireless infrastructure that enables our modern life. There isn’t a field or industry that doesn’t depend on the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering – be it pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing, media or even entertainment. During your time at Lassonde you’ll have a change to study advanced topics in electronics and electrical circuits, semiconductor devices and circuits, electromagnetic fields and waves, power systems and energy conversion.

You’ll have access to state-of-the-art labs including the Digital Logic Lab, Multimedia Lab, 24- hour Maxwell Lab, Robotics Lab. In the Prism Lab you’ll have access to personal space to store files and e-mail as well as publish online and do coursework.

Electrical Engineering is a huge and well-established engineering field, with hundreds of career paths. For example, as an electrical engineer, you might:

  • Plan and design power stations and equipment for generators
  • Design the integrated circuits for the next generation of microprocessors
  • Design an aircraft control system
  • Design telecommunications equipment and networks


Electrical Engineering (BEng)
Course Information
  • Course Id: Undergraduate
  • Credit: YLE

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