Digital Media (BA)

Fascinated by the potential of technology and looking to find meaningful ways of contributing to the development of digital culture? Intrigued by the intersection of art and technology? The foundational concepts of digital media draw from the fields of computing, communications, and art. Digital Media  spans a range of elements, and includes mobile devices and other interactive devices, interactive games and artworks, and consumer and cultural products such as film, animations, video, audio, databases, and other content. A defining feature of both arts-based and computing-based programs is hands-on course work in arts studios or computing labs, with exhibitions to showcase students’ creative talents.

In this four-year BA degree program, students engage with contemporary digital culture from arts and science perspectives. This four-year program engages contemporary digital culture from a dual arts and science perspective, encompassing technology, media art, culture and communications.  The program is offered jointly by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and the the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design.

Today’s quickly changing world is driven by adopting and adapting to new technology and new forms of communication. To succeed, global citizens need to continuously expand their networks and interactivity, maximizing new digital communications tools with real-time audio and sound manipulation. Digital Media embraces the digital future.

Neither heavily technical- and engineering-oriented nor solely focused on humanities and cultural studies, Lassonde’s program lies centre of the spectrum, providing a foundation in:

  • The computational basis for the creation of digital media imagery and sound, including animation and the simulation of 3D environments.
  • The theoretical, artistic and experiential ideas that lie behind an informed understanding of the aesthetic aspects of digital media.
  • The practice of creating digital media works that explore the ways in which culture is produced and can be produced through technology.
  • The broader socio-cultural effects and the theory and research concerning responses to and use of digital media.

Graduates from the Digital Media program find exciting careers in computer game development, installation art, application development, film effects and animation.

Students applying to the Specialized Honours BA Program in Digital Media have the choice of being in either the Faculty of Fine Arts or the Faculty of Science & Engineering. While the required core courses for all Digital Media students are the same, students in the different Faculties may choose different elective courses in accordance with their interests.


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Digital Media (BA)
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  • Course Id: Undergraduate
  • Credit: YRA

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