Computer Security (BA, BSc)

Protection of the world’s digital infrastructure from unauthorized access or malicious use is critical for the preservation of our economy and the technology we use every day. Every part of modern life, whether it’s our financial system, transportation, power supplies or distribution networks depend on safe, protected IT systems. The highly trained engineers who maintain and defend our security are in high demand from both government and the private sector. The Lassonde School of Engineering offers you the chance to enrol in a specialized honours degree in Computer Security, the only program of its kind in Ontario.

In addition to the foundation courses in computer science and mathematics, this program will allow you to study areas such as computer networks, cryptography, operating systems, databases and software engineering techniques. Also, topics such as applied ethics, management, operational practices and exposure to relevant legal concepts are important elements of the program.

The Computer Security program is anchored by courses in applied cryptography, a specialized laboratory-based course in computer security and a course in computer security management, involving threat and readiness assessment and forensics. It also requires courses in the computer science core, including the common first and second year introductory programming/software engineering, data structures, computer organization, theory, and software tolls courses, as well as the third year software development, design and analysis of algorithms, operating systems, computer networks and database systems courses.

Computer Security (BA, BSc)
Course Information
  • Course Id: Undergraduate
  • Credit: YPX

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