Computer Science (BA, BSc)

Is it possible for a computer system to perform like a human? Can computer systems learn? How can meaningful information be extracted from huge amounts of data? If these are questions that intrigue you, then Computer Science is for you. Our professors are conducting exciting research: creating a robotic wheelchair to assist people with disabilities; building computer systems that mimic human vision; and developing a system that recognizes the gestures of American Sign Language. In the BA program you can combine Computer Science with your interests in human and social issues, while the BSc program provides the opportunity to explore interactions with other science disciplines.

Accredited by the Computer Science Accreditation Council, the Honours BSc and BA programs in Computer Science may be either specialized or combined with a second major.

In addition, Lassonde offers three streams that articulate possible specializations of the BA and BSc Honours program – namely the Intelligent Systems, Interactive Systems and Communication Networks streams. Honours (4 year) BA and BSc programs in all their flavours, whether specialized or combined with a second major, are the entry point to the computer science profession or to graduate studies.

Combining a Computer Science honours major with a second honours major is highly recommended. The BA may be combined with most other major offered by the Faculty of Arts – mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, political science, economics to name just a few. The BSc may be combined with most other major offered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering – chemistry, physics, biology, kinesiology, earth and atmospheric science, geology or psychology for example. There is no better preparation for your future than a well-rounded education during which you have followed your diverse interests and excelled at studying topics you enjoy.

The Bachelors (3 year) BSc and BA programs in Computer Science are a generalist degree, not unlike a liberal arts degree, in that they provide a solid foundation in analytical and critical thinking (albeit with a technical focus) much sought-after in a wide variety of future careers

At the heart of Computer Science is the interaction of hardware and software. The Lassonde School of Engineering Computer Science program provides a fundamental understanding of the theoretical principles of software and digital systems within the context of modern
technology. The curriculum goes beyond the core areas of systems, theory, programming and hardware to applied areas of study such as robotics, graphics and visualization, multimedia and computer music, database systems and artificial intelligence.

As a Computer Science student at Lassonde, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities such as a Unix-based Sun workstation lab; Robotics Lab (where you can program either a robotic arm or a moveable robot to do a particular task); Digital Logic Lab (provides hands-on experience in computer design); Realtime and Operating Systems Lab (provides computers and software tools for the design and analysis of real time systems); Multimedia Lab; and Embedded Systems Lab (to conduct simulation and design experiments with microcontrollers and field programmable gate arrays).

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Computer Science (BA, BSc)
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