C2000 Concerto Microcontrollers

Supervisor: Jia Xu
Session: Winter 2015
Required Background:
At least a B+ in Embedded Systems (CSE3215), strong C programming skills, solid knowledge of microcontrollers

Description: The C2000 Concerto family of microcontrollers combines two cores on a single-chip with on-chip low latency interprocessor communication between the two cores: a C28x 32-bit control core for real-time control with faster/more loops and small sampling window; and an ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 host core for communications and general purpose. The selected student will evaluate the capabilities of the C2000 Concerto family of microcontrollers through testing and investigating open source software for real-time control applications that runs on C2000 Concerto Microcontrollers.

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