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Attentive Sensing for Better Two-Way Communication in Remote Learning Environments

Status: Available
Professor: Elder, James
Research Area:
Year: 2015

One of the challenges in remote learning is to allow students to communicate effectively with the lecturer. For example, when a student asks a question, communication will be more effective if the instructor has a zoomed view of the student’s face, so that s/he can interpret expressions etc.

The goal of this project is to apply attentive sensing technology (www.elderlab.yorku.ca) to this problem. This technology is able to monitor a large environment such as a classroom and direct a high-resolution ‘attentive’ sensor to events of interest.

In particular, working with a senior graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, the successful applicant will:

1. Study the problem of detecting hand-raises in the preattentive sensor stream
2. Implement algorithms for detecting hand-raises based upon this investigation
3. Evaluate these algorithms in a real-classroom setting, using proprietary attentive sensing technology

Required skills:
1. Good programming skills
2. Good math skills
3. Knowledge of C and MATLAB programming languages

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