Our Mission

Our objectives are to address the issues that female engineers face in everyday life,  increase awareness about engineering profession,  and encourage more girls to pursue engineering.

To inspire future generations, we need role models as women engineers and scientists,  similar to their male counterparts.

Most women (if not all) face  different set of challenges (as listed in [1], [4] ) in their life. We acknowledge the diversity of challenges a women face in her career and strive to produce a supportive environment where their efforts and contributions  receive due appreciation.

We  are here to provide support and resources for female students in EECS faculty.


[1] Why are There so Few Female Computer Scientists?

[2] Women in tech: The Facts

[3] Lack of women inventors could hurt innovation, US patent office says

[4] 9 Women In STEM Share The Challenges They’ve Faced In A Male-Dominated Field