About Prism

Undergraduate students who are registered to any CSE major course use the “Prism Laboratory” the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate computing Labs. Students are granted an authorised account through which they store or print their course related files, use electronic mail facilities, create their own web sites. Students access the Unix or Windows workstations in the laboratories through scheduled sessions or first come first serve basis. Prism accounts can also be accessed remotely by dial up, through the Internet via secure connection, or from other designated laboratories on campus including the Jupiter Lab, which is in the same building as our CSE laboratories. Select labs are equipped with printing facilities. Senior students use a variety of specialty laboratories as required. These include the Robotics and Vision, the Digital Systems, the Software Engineering, the Networking and Computer Security, the Integrated Signal Processing and Multi-Media, and the Virtual Reality Laboratories.

All computers in the Department are connected to the campus network backbone, providing access to all significant systems and services in the University, as well as computers around the world via the Internet.