A framework for smart meter privacy

Status: Available/Completed
Type: USRA/4080/408*…
Professor: Farag, Hany
Research Area:
Electrical Engineering
Year: 2015

One of the most recognized components of smart grid is smart meters. A smart meter is usually an electronic device that records the consumption of electric energy in intervals. It also communicates that information to the utility for both monitoring and billing. Unlike conventional electricity meters, smart meters provide two-ways communication between the consumer and the supplier. The information that is collected to create a more efficient power grid may be used for other purposes. Hence the issue of privacy might be raised, especially of the residential consumers whose smart meter data is being collected.

This project aims to develop a new framework for smart meters privacy. The framework will provide a means for measuring the tradeoff between sharing specific information with the utility and hiding other information to protect the consumer privacy. The student(s) will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the available privacy techniques and he/she will implement the proposed framework in MATLAB environment to validate its effectiveness and robustness compared with the available privacy techniques.

Required prerequisite background: Good programming skills, MATLAB, strong at math, preferred to be specialized in communication networks

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