Jia Xu

Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Real-time systems, including real-time embedded systems and real-time operating systems.

Jia Xu received his doctoral degree in computer science from the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, in 1984. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Victoria, and at the University of Toronto, before joining the Department in 1986. His general research interests are in real-time and embedded systems.

Selected Publications

  • “On Inspection and Verification of Software with Timing Requirements,”IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 29, 705-720, 2003.
  • (with D. L. Parnas) “Priority Scheduling Versus Pre-Run-Time Scheduling,”Real-Time Systems, 18, 7-23, 2000.
  • (with D. L. Parnas) “On Satisfying Timing Constraints in Hard-Real-Time Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Special Issue on Software for Critical Systems, 19:70-84, 1993. Reprinted in A Practical Approach to Real-Time Systems: Selected Readings, edited by Phillip Laplante, IEEE, IEEE Order No. SR115, ISBN 0-7803-4815-X, 15-31, 2000.
  • (with D. L. Parnas) “Scheduling Processes with Release Times, Deadlines, Precedence and Exclusion Relations,”IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 16, 360-369, 1990. Reprinted in Advances in Real-Time Systems, edited by J. A. Stankovic, and K. Ramamrithan, IEEE Computer Society Press, 140-149, 1993. Also reprinted in Software Fundamentals: Collected Papers by David L. Parnas, edited by Daniel M. Hoffman, and David M. Weiss, Addison-Wesley, 439-465, 2001.


Jia Xu
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