James Elder


Research Interests
  • Computer Vision;
  • Human Vision.

James Elder received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in 1996. He is a member of the Centre for Vision Research and a Professor in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Psychology at York University. Dr. Elder’s research has won a number of awards and honours, including the Premier’s Research Excellence Award and the Young Investigator Award from the Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society.  Dr. Elder is the Director of the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Data Analytics and Visualization.

Research Interests: Our goal is to develop novel and useful computer vision algorithms and machine vision systems through a better understanding of visual processing in biological systems.

Selected Publications
  • Corral-Soto, E.R. & Elder, J.H. (2017) Slot Cars: 3D Modelling for Improved Visual Traffic Analytics. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Traffic Surveillance Workshop and Challenge
  • Almazen, E.J., Tal, R., Qian, Y. & Elder, J.H. (2017) A dynamic programming approach to line segment detection. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).
  • Elasal, N. & Elder, J.H. (2017) Estimating camera pose from motion without tracking.  Proc. 14th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), IEEE, 72-79.
  • Mehrani, P. & Elder, J.H. (2017) Estimating coarse 3D shape and pose from the bounding contour.  Proc. 12th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP), In press.
  • Adams, W.J., Elder, J.H., Graf, E.W., Leyland, J., Lugtigheid, A.J. & Muryy, A. (2016).  The Southampton-York Natural Scenes (SYNS) dataset: Statistics of surface attitude.  Scientific Reports vol. 6. (IF: 4.3)
  • Drewes, J., Goren, G., Zhu, W. & Elder, J.H. (2016).  Recurrent processing in the formation of shape percepts.  J. Neuroscience vol. 36, no. 1, 185-192.  (IF: 6.0)
  • Elasal, N. & Elder, J.H. (2016) Unsupervised crowd counting.  Proc. 13th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), Springer, 329-345.
  • Almazen, E.J., Qian, Y. & Elder, J.H. (2016) Road segmentation for classification of road weather conditions.  Proc.  4th Workshop on Computer Vision for Road Scene Understanding and Autonomous Driving, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Workshops, Springer, 96-108.
  • Qian, Y., Almazen, E.J. & Elder, J.H. (2016) Evaluating features and classifiers for road weather condition analysis.  Proc.  International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), IEEE, 4403–4407.
  • Adams, W.J., Muryy, A.A., Graf, E.W., Lugtigheid, A.J. and Elder, J.H. (2015) The Southampton York natural scenes (SYNS) dataset. Proc. 12th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP), ACM, 21:1-21:2.
  • Adams, W.J. & Elder, J.H. (2014).  Effects of specular highlights on perceived surface convexity.  PLOS Computational Biology 10(5): e1003576.  doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003576.  (Published May 8, 2014).
  •  Corral-Soto, E. and Elder, J.H. (2014) Automatic single-view calibration and rectification from parallel planar curves. In D. Fleet, T. Pajdla, B. Schiele, and T. Tuytelaars, editors, ECCV (IV), volume 8692 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin, 813–827.
  • Yakubovich, A. & Elder, J.H. (2014) Building better formlet codes for planar shape, In Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), 2014 Canadian Conference on, pages 84–91, May 2014.
  •  Elder, J.H. (2014).  Bridging the dimensional gap: Perceptual organization of contour into two-dimensional shape.  In J. Wagemans, ed., Oxford Handbook of Perceptual Organization, Oxford University Press, Oxford UK.  In press.
  • Elder, J.H. (2014).  Edge detection.  In K. Ikeuchi, ed., Computer vision:  A Reference Guide, Springer US.
  • Elder, J.H., Oleskiw, T.D., Yakubovich, A. & Peyré, G. (2013).  On growth and formlets:  Sparse multi-scale coding of planar shape.  Image and Vision Computing vol. 31, 1-13. (Editor’s Choice Paper)
  •  Movahedi, V. & Elder, J.H. (2013) Combining local and global cues for closed contour extraction.  In T. Burghardt, D. Damen, W. Mayol-Cuevas, and M. Mirmehdi, editors,  Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, BMVA Press.
  • Elder, J.H. (2013).  Perceptual organization of shape.  In S. Dickinson & Z. Pizlo, ed., Shape Perception in Human and Computer Vision: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Springer.
  • T. McLeod, C. Samson, M. Labrie, K. Shehata, J. Mah, P. Lai, L. Wang, and J.H. Elder. (2013)  Using video data acquired from an unmanned aerial vehicle to measure fracture orientation in an open pit mine. Geomatica vol. 67, No. 3, 173-180.
  • Wagemans, J.H., Elder, J.H., Kubovy, M., Palmer, S., Peterson, M., Singh, M. & von der Heydt, R. (2012).  A century of Gestalt psychology in visual perception: I.  Perceptual grouping and figure-ground organization. Psychological Bulletin, vol. 138, no. 6 1172–1217.
  • Fazl-Esri, E., Elder, J.H. & Tsotsos, J.K. (2012).  Hierarchical classifiers for robust topological robot localization. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systemsvol. 68, no. 2, 147-163.
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  • Li, P., Fu, Y., Mohammed, U. & Elder, J.H. & Prince, S.J.D. (2012).  Probabilistic models for inference about identity. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 34, no 1. 144-157.  
James Elder
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