Computer Science (MSc)

Program Overview

Admission Requirements
Graduates with an honours degree in Computer Science or equivalent, with at least a B+ average in the last two years of study, may be admitted as Candidates for the Masters program in Computer Science. In addition, those admitted must have completed the equivalent of a senior-level course in the area of theoretical computer science.

Applicants must also satisfy specified requirements set out by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), such as demonstrating competence in the English language. The following are the minimum English Language test scores (if required): TOEFL: 88-91(iBT) or YELT 4.

The above requirements are the minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission. The admissions committee will consider all evidence in the file and decide.

Degree Requirements
Candidates for the M.Sc. degree must complete five graduate three-credit courses and successfully defend a Master’s thesis if they wish to follow the Thesis Option or seven graduate three-credit courses and a project if they prefer the Project Option.

Upon acceptance as a Candidate to the M.Sc. program, the Candidate will be assigned an Academic Advisor who will advise the Candidate with respect to the degree requirements and assist with the Candidate’s selection of a Thesis or Project Supervisor. The checkpoints in the M.Sc. program are listed in the following table, along with both desirable and acceptable completion times, measured from entry into the program. Students also are required to submit a Progress Report on April 15 and August 15 of their first year of study.

M.Sc. Program Checkpoints

Checkpoint Desired Acceptable
Supervisor Selection 4 months 8 months
Courses Completed (Th) 8 months 8 months
Courses Completed (Pr) 16 months 16 months
Project Topic 5 months 9 months
Thesis Proposal 12 months 17 months
Thesis Examination 18 months 20 months

The Candidate has to choose between the Thesis or the Project option when he/she chooses Supervisor.

There is a breadth requirement on the selected graduate courses; at least one course must be from each of the following three groups:

  • Theory of Computing and Scientific Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems
  • Systems: Software and Hardware

No more than one third of the course requirement can be integrated with undergraduate courses (CSE5xxx courses). Details about these groups can be found under the link to “Courses”.

M.Sc. Thesis Option
Students that choose the Thesis Option must choose an area of specialization and submit a thesis on an approved subject. The thesis work will be supervised by a faculty member of the Graduate Program in Computer Science. Before work on the thesis starts, the Thesis Supervisory Committee must approve of the thesis topic. M.Sc. theses are evaluated according to FGS requirements. In particular, there is an oral examination conducted by the Thesis Examining Committee.

M.Sc. Project Option
Students that choose the Project Option must choose an area of specialization and submit a project report. The Project work is supervised by a faculty member of the Graduate Program in Computer Science. The project is a body of work similar to a thesis in quality but of more limited scope and/or degree of originality. Project topics may include implementation and evaluation of recent published ideas, development of novel software/hardware applications or improvements of algorithms. The student and the supervisor have to agree on the topic and the exact scope of the project early and the agreement submitted in writing to the Graduate Director. The Project Report is evaluated by the Supervisor and a Reader who must also be a member of the Graduate Program.

Residency Requirements
Students must maintain a continuous registration in the Program. A year (12 months) consists of three terms: fall, winter, and summer. Students are expected to complete the Master’s Programs in no more than five terms (20 months) and the Doctoral Program in no more than twelve terms (48 months). Leaving for more than 4 weeks a term requires the permission of both the program director and the dean of FGS. According to Faculty regulations, beyond the second year of M.Sc. or M.A.Sc. study, full–time students are automatically converted to part-time, and are no longer eligible for financial support.

Program Features

The MSc program covers a wide variety of subdisciplines in Computer Science, which are listed below.

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